Apartman Eger történelmi belvárosában

Message from the past… ..vintage atmosphere in an Eger apartment

In the heart of the city center there is an old, wrought-iron staircase “typical Eger tenement house”, in the back yard corner of which lies a long-cherished dream… ..

This apartment, which operates as a small apartment, is a fairytale world in which the equipment of the past tells us with endless love about creating an atmosphere.

Feared family treasures, old Hungarian furniture and everyday objects rescued on the road and on the side of the road were found here and given new light. We restored ourselves, we fixed these little miracles.

“These old objects speak, they have a soul, someone made them with both hands and put their love into them.

The apartment mixes the grandmother's old objects with a very good sense, with the more modern furniture and accessories.

Everything is here: Singer sewing machine, jug, wrought iron candle holder, worn photos, chests of drawers, soda bottles ...

Wherever we turn, every corner of the apartment is surrounded by an atmosphere with a special atmosphere. Tiny objects and photographs tell the story of their former owners, their way of life, and the newly purchased articles blend into this milieu.

Here in the city center, the time has stopped a bit, at candlelight we can ponder that there are still values ​​that we need to preserve and boldly smuggle around us, a tiny slice from the past!

"... and I love seeing everyone let go and we're at home with us."